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About The Investment Stylist

A place where women and wealth meet

Alice LeMessurier founded The Investment Stylist in 2011 to nourish her passion to break down the wall between the financial industry and women. Alice’s vision is to empower women to confront their financial situation and to provide the tools they need to achieve financial independence and a financially secure future.

A note from founder Alice LeMessurier

It became very apparent to me, during a series of lunches that I hosted last year that there is a desire for women to find their own financial path that will lead them to long term financial independence and security, but many women don’t know where to begin to achieve this.

I saw an opportunity to create a consistent forum accessible to all women, a platform that opens up discussions on all things financial from the basics of money and budgeting to investing, insurance and wealth creation, all teamed with a dependable source of financial information. Hence, I created The Investment Stylist.

In visiting our website, you have made the first step towards defining your investment style. It seems only fair in that case, that I share with you mine – I would describe my style as growth orientated, I have a high tolerance to risk and I am focused on both short and long term investments and returns.

Fear not, it has taken me time to define my style. From a very young age I developed an interest in the market and investment opportunities. My father, who was a stockbroker, led me to my first investment at the age of 12, when I first bought BHP in the market downturn of the 1980s. By investing in shares as a young person, I was able to buy my house when I was 25 years old.

I invite you to evolve, experience, create relationships and more importantly create wealth. The Investment Stylist is your opportunity to learn from the experts and to build on your financial knowledge so that you too can define your own investment style for a financially secure future.

The Investment Stylist aims to bridge the gap between the financial services industry and women by providing access to industry experts and products, whilst offering the education and advice a woman needs to create her own ‘investment style’.

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