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Australians slugged twice as much as expected in bank fees

Australian banks are charging Australian households six times more than the average person believes is fair, and twice as much as they think they’re actually paying, according to new research. …
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Tips on launching your start up

Do you have an idea for a business start-up that you haven’t put into motion yet? Perhaps you should get cracking. Plenty of others have, and are reaping amazing rewards. …
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How to ask for a payrise

It’s not easy asking for a pay rise. Worse still, a recent salary survey suggests we’re unlikely to get one, anyway. The Australian Institute of Management’s (AIM) 2014 National Salary …
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Common tax time blunders SMEs can avoid

Working Australians believe they miss out on $426 of unclaimed tax each year, equating to a mammoth $1.65 billion nationwide. The results are from a recent survey, conducted by Officeworks …
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5 tax tips every women should know

Tax time can be a major headache, but with a few tips from the experts, it can be smooth sailing.  1.   Get organised early. Don’t leave it too late to …
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Australians have to negotiate their way through a vast network of financial brands and services these days, which can be a major challenge.

It used to be easy to pick a bank. Head to the nearest corner, walk in to the bank and open an account. But those days have long gone. Australian …
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