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Trendsetter: Frederique Bros


Can you give us a little background on your career to date?

I’ve worked as a Graphic/Web designer in the digital world for over 10 years. I’m the founder and editor of the blog Women Love Tech –

Tell us about how your business came to be?

18 months ago, my girlfriend’s lunches started to turn into “techno crash courses”, which lead the concept of Women Love Tech to be born.

Women Love Tech is a unique techno-lifestyle blog for women. Its informative, accessible, no ‘geeky talk’ and sometimes with a touch of French humour. The blog is filled with everything women love, whether it’s cool gadgets, the latest travel site, social media news, blogger tips, beauty & fashion apps and much more. The blog has been online since January 2012 and is growing week by week.

Can you talk us through any obstacles that you have faced in building your company?

The language barrier has been the biggest obstacle.

I was born in France but now call Sydney home, for the last 12 years. I was a bit worried my English wouldn’t be ‘academic’ enough. I write like I talk to my friends and my English is probably better than most people’s French, so there wasn’t anything to be worried about after all. I was also nervous about creating enough good content to fill a blog and more importantly, to know whether my articles would interest women enough for them to come back.

Was founding your own business something you always had on the career agenda?

My entrepreneurial mind is always developing new business ideas. I created Women Love Tech because I found a gap in the market for professional techno-savvy women. I have found women to be very smart, with a busy life balancing work, kids, housework, being a wife and having a social life. After months of research I couldn’t find a site, that gathered all the technology information I needed without becoming bored or lost in translation with the ‘nerd language’, so I decided to create my own site.

What made you aim your blog at women?

I’m a woman who writes for women about technology – the blog serves to empower women with new technologies, new apps, social media, etc… Women are very aware of the Internet, and not only for online shopping. With my blog I give women access to technology without the ‘boy’s talk’ or the ‘nerdy talk’.  It’s more like having lunch with an expert girlfriend 🙂

What advice would you give to any of our readers who dream of starting up their own business but just don’t know where to begin?

Do something you are good at and are passionate about – because when you work 10-15 hours per day, you’ll appreciate doing it on something you love!

Do lots of research before starting your business. It can take months, and the more you research the better it is to developing your business ideas. e.g. look at the competition, learn about branding, marketing, advertising, networking, social media, finances, and don’t be afraid to work long hours.

Stay up to date with new technologies.

What has been the most profound thing you have learnt to date in your career?

As a woman, I found it difficult in the beginning to separate my emotions from the purely business but with experience, I learnt to be wiser and not take certain failures too personally. Work & life is not a smooth road but it is definitely a great path towards personal growth and be a modern woman

How would you best describe your investment style in three words?

Expect the unexpected.









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