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Articles in the ‘Build’ Category:

Working from home, here’s how to do it

As I sit down to write this post, I’ve just kissed my boys goodnight. My baby is asleep nearby, the kettle’s on and I’m already in my pjs Following years …
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Cash-flow problems killing your small business

Cash-flow problems can be a killer for small business owners. But there are ways to negotiate better payment terms.  There’s nothing more frustrating than debtors taking their sweet time to …
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My part time venture

A growing number of Australian women are taking financial freedom by the horns by launching their own business while holding down a full time job.   Sheree Lowe works full time …
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What does it take to own your own business?

Running your own show can be an absolutely fantastic experience. It gives you such a sense of satisfaction, it increases your self esteem and helps you realise you have what …
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Where to Start, When Starting Up

I have a new business idea everyday, in fact I have so many my husband has asked me to write them down so we can review them at the end …
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Turning a new leaf on building business relationships

Being a small business owner, the relationships I and the company develop are the back bone of our survival.  Whether it is with a service provider, employee, business partner or …
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