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Articles in the ‘Inspire’ Category:

What does it take to own your own business?

Running your own show can be an absolutely fantastic experience. It gives you such a sense of satisfaction, it increases your self esteem and helps you realise you have what …
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Is financial security a real issue for women?

Is Financial Security a Real Issue for Women?

When thinking about my first blog, I found it difficult to know where to begin; investing is a mammoth topic. I decided to start by researching why it is important …
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Trendsetter Bec Couche: New York Writer

Freelance writer Bec Couche talks to Investment Stylist about her experiences relocating to New York to explore a new city and work opportunities. 1. Tell us about how you came …
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Stylists Guide to Making a Website

If you are thinking about setting up your own business, then developing your website will probably be one of the first steps you make.  Luckily today there is a wide …
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Trendsetter Julie Reilly, CEO of Women Donors Network

Tell us about Women Donors Network and what the organisation does? Established in 2009, the Australian Women Donors Network works to increase philanthropic investment in projects that advance women and …
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Trendsetter Sam Meers, Executive Director of The Nelson Meers Foundation

Tell us about the Nelson Meers Foundation and how it came to be? As a young lawyer, my father had been inspired by the American tradition of philanthropic giving and …
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