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Articles in the ‘Leadership’ Category:

Leap In

Forget about leaning in: apparently we should be leaping in. That’s the conclusion of the CEO of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, Pamela Prince-Eason. For the past 17 years, …
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Mentoring, Networking, and Sponsoring: The Trifecta to Success.

It’s the trifecta to success: mentoring, networking, and sponsoring. But historically, women are excluded: There’s a reason why it’s called the old boys’ club instead of the old girls’ club. …
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Inspiring pieces I found this week……….

I am forever looking for ideas of how to make better investment decisions, improve my work routines or just inspire me. This week I have been looking for inspiration more …
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She Wolf of Wall Street

I’ve always fancied myself as one of those powerful corporate women, striding down the street in a pinstriped suit barking, “buy, sell!” into an elegant, encrusted phone. Sadly, the reality …
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Trendsetter: Carolyn Cooke

Can you give us a little background on your career to date? Before starting Muma’s Market I worked in the retail industry (mainly for fashion brands) for over twelve years …
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My part time venture

A growing number of Australian women are taking financial freedom by the horns by launching their own business while holding down a full time job.   Sheree Lowe works full time …
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