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Articles in the ‘Cash’ Category:

Negative Gearing vs Positive Gearing – what should you do?

Wealth building isn’t an easy task. But having the right knowledge and mindset can help you accrue great results with how you make your money and property earn for you. …
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Australians slugged twice as much as expected in bank fees

Australian banks are charging Australian households six times more than the average person believes is fair, and twice as much as they think they’re actually paying, according to new research. …
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Interest rates are not that boring

This week, my reading online has been focused on interest rates. “Why interest rates?” I hear you ask with a yawn. Well, the RBA announced on Tuesday that it was …
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Australians have to negotiate their way through a vast network of financial brands and services these days, which can be a major challenge.

It used to be easy to pick a bank. Head to the nearest corner, walk in to the bank and open an account. But those days have long gone. Australian …
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Watch the Pennies

In some circles, it’s considered a nasty ‘c’ word. But I grew up in a family of couponers. Not Extreme Couponers, like in the trashy reality TV show in the …
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Cash-flow problems killing your small business

Cash-flow problems can be a killer for small business owners. But there are ways to negotiate better payment terms.  There’s nothing more frustrating than debtors taking their sweet time to …
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