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Articles in the ‘Home’ Category:

Why financial independence is important at all times

Katie* is 40, and has two kids. She has taken care of the home and worked part time while her husband, a medical specialist, brought in the bulk of the …
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Working from home, here’s how to do it

As I sit down to write this post, I’ve just kissed my boys goodnight. My baby is asleep nearby, the kettle’s on and I’m already in my pjs Following years …
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Watch the Pennies

In some circles, it’s considered a nasty ‘c’ word. But I grew up in a family of couponers. Not Extreme Couponers, like in the trashy reality TV show in the …
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Whose is it: mine, yours or ours?

How do we combine love and money? A question that we all face during our lives and one I am sure we struggle to mesh together. A good place to …
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