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Articles in the ‘Your Lifestyle’ Category:

Micro Finance for a better world

Back in 2008, I made a very small investment of just $50 in an international finance company called Kiva, and over the years I’ve topped up my capital input to …
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Is financial security a real issue for women?

Is Financial Security a Real Issue for Women?

When thinking about my first blog, I found it difficult to know where to begin; investing is a mammoth topic. I decided to start by researching why it is important …
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I will not tolerate violence against women

After the tragic death of Jill Meagher in September and most recently of Sarah Cafferkey, for the first time in a long time I have been faced with the reality …
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Who should pay – first date finance?

What are the rules for first date finances? In a world of equal opportunity, where women are earning more than men, we don’t have to be married to have kids …
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Whose is it: mine, yours or ours?

How do we combine love and money? A question that we all face during our lives and one I am sure we struggle to mesh together. A good place to …
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Trendsetter Bec Couche: New York Writer

Freelance writer Bec Couche talks to Investment Stylist about her experiences relocating to New York to explore a new city and work opportunities. 1. Tell us about how you came …
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