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Articles in the ‘Style’ Category:

Superannuation Survey

Superannuation is quickly becoming one of the most crucial issues for women in the workplace. According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, half of all women aged 45 to 59 …
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Career and Salary Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in last month’s Career and Salary survey.  Your contribution has uncovered some interesting trends in what women look for in their career. According to …
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How tech savvy are you?

Technology has advanced at an astonishing rate and shows no signs of slowing down. And while most of us like to think we’re pretty cluey, the rapid advancements make it …
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Who is your Savings in the City character?

Who is your Savings in the City character? Let’s face it: saving is hard. As much as we try, the temptation is always there to indulge and spoil ourselves. Recognising …
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Investment Stylist Survey

How much has changed for women in the workplace since the 1960s? In 1969, women around Australia successfully lobbied for “Equal Pay for Equal Work,” but how much has changed …
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Property and Mortgage Survey Results

The Investment Stylist has been running a survey on property and mortgages.  Preliminary findings have already revealed some very interesting trends. The long-held belief that “brick and mortar” is the …
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