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Articles in the ‘Managing’ Category:

Changes to FoFA: what do they mean for investors?

Part of the Coalition government’s pre-election promise was to repeal part of the Freedom of Financial Advice laws. This was legislation put in place by the previous Labor government to …
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Style Your Investment like a Chief Investment Stylist

Having a Dad as a stockbroker and a Mum as a self-employed legal consultant, I was exposed to shares, investing, and the importance of being independent from a young age. …
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Watch the Pennies

In some circles, it’s considered a nasty ‘c’ word. But I grew up in a family of couponers. Not Extreme Couponers, like in the trashy reality TV show in the …
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ETFs versus managed funds: pros and cons

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) burst onto the investment scene in 2001 when Vanguard launched the first ETF in Australia. Since then they have become a popular alternative to managed funds. …
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Is it time for cyclicals to shine?

Investing in cyclical stocks can be a rollercoaster ride. Yet, if timed well it can also be a great play to increase your investment returns. What Are Cyclical Stocks? Cyclical …
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Not So Super

It’s the greatest challenge for Australian women this century. No, it’s not the gender pay gap. Nor is it work/life balance. (Although these factors do play a part.) It’s something …
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