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Articles in the ‘Property’ Category:

Negative Gearing vs Positive Gearing – what should you do?

Wealth building isn’t an easy task. But having the right knowledge and mindset can help you accrue great results with how you make your money and property earn for you. …
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3 Simple Steps to Becoming a Property Mogul

Investing in property can be a daunting task, with so many things to think about. Remembering it is a long term investment and nobody wants to get it wrong.  I …
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Alycia Inglis

Introducing our property finance guru, Alycia Inglis. Alycia is a Director Inglis & Rock and oversees company’s the Sydney arm. She has a passion for her career and a commitment …
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Find Bigger discount on your homeloan

There are many variable rate borrowers across Australia still waiting for their lender to announce (or sneak through) a rate cut, following the Reserve Bank’s decision to drop the cash …
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ANZ announces 20 basis point home loan rate cut

“There have been 44 lenders out of more than 100 lenders in RateCity’s database that have announced rate cuts to their variable home loans since the Reserve Bank meeting on …
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Guide to Capital Gains Tax

There is a lot of confusion about capital gains tax. What is it? How does it apply to me? How can it help me make a profit? To answer these …
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