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Inspiring pieces I found this week……….


I am forever looking for ideas of how to make better investment decisions, improve my work routines or just inspire me. This week I have been looking for inspiration more than anything else, so if you a spare 5 minutes over this weekend, would love to share things that have capture my attention.inspiring

Like everyone it seems I am flat chat. With running two businesses, studying, walking my puppy, hanging with husband plus trying to catch with friends and don’t get me started on my fitness campaign. Maybe, because I juggle too many things, I find that I am regularly late for meetings and events (which I feel is rude). This year I have made it my mission to kick this old habit and found these great 8 tips from Gretchen Rubin’s blog – my favourite trying to “get this one last task done”. If you’re like me take minute to read the other seven tips –

As a growing business women I am always looking for inspiration to help me persist with my vision or visions as the case may be. As I was trawling through the Huffington Post I found this great piece – “What These Powerful Women Would have Told Their 22-Year-Old Selves.” It is a quick and easy read with some awesome takeaways. The tip that hit home for me was from Martha Stewart – “Stick with it. Don’t give up. Defend your ideas, but be flexible.” If your looking for inspiration click no further than here –

Some things just make me go wow, usually small things and especially the generosity of others. This week I read a story about Warren Buffet’s sister Doris who is helping him put his fortune to good cause. She is working her way through 1,000s of letters he has received from people asking for support for their cause. She has supplied people with cars, wheel chairs to people, paid for glass eyes and so many other things. It is truly grass roots philanthropy and I think it is great. Read more about her story here: